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Wednesday Elementary Class

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

February 14, 2018

Lesson: Wild Animals
  • Point, say and listen.

The students learn the adjectives that describes the wild animals.

For example: Elephants are big and have trunks.Zebras are black and white and have stripes.


Wild animals: Words in Action

  • listen, point and practice. Trace

The students listen to the teacher say the adjective that describes the animal.

For example: "Elephants are big".

(and the students will trace the sentence using a pencil.)

  • Finish the sentences.

The students need to write one adjective describing the animals to finish the sentence.

For example: Elephants are _______________.

  • Listen to two hints and guess what the animals are.

The teacher will say 2 adjectives that describe the animals and the student will guess what the animals are.

For example:

Teacher: They are fat and they have big mouth.

Student: It's Hippos!

  • Write the animals names.

The students guessed the name of the animals looking at parts of the animals.

Arts and Crafts : Valentine's Card

The elementary class made a Valentine's card to give to their parents after the class.

materials: Card, red crafting paper, heart puncher, glue, colored pens and pencil.

Absent: Shiori and Shuji


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