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After school Monday group

Today is been awhile without having lesson with the kids. We had an interesting game called "Hedbanz" for kids it is also known as a "guessing game". The mechanics of the game concentrates on the target language which gives the students to think and use the particular questions according to its vocabulary. Before we start the game we had a little review of the vocabularies with its category like animals, food ,fruits and vegetables . Then asking questions from the player and the other group will have limit their answers on "Yes!" or "No!"

Here's how:

Player: (Question)

" Am I a (vegetable.. a animal..)?

"Can I fly?"

"Do I have legs?"

"Am I red? "

"Am I big?"

"Am I heavy?"

"Am I red?"

"Can I swim?"

"Do I have legs?"

"Am I long?"

"Am I round?"

"Am I brown?"

"Can I run?"

Group: (They will answer either "Yes!" or "No!")

Then, the group who has

the most number of points will be the winner. They will get stamps as their rewards.

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