Eiken Testing Room

JEC provides Eiken test so that students can have certifications for their hard work and efforts to learn English. Our room can facilitate test complete with audio system, CCTV camera and tables that can accommodate 10 students for each testing sessions.

This is to ensure that students will have a quiet place to have their test.


JEC Park

JEC has it's own park that can be a outdoor play area for our students. Our park is covered with artificial grass so that if students fall there will be a soft cushion for them to land on. Secured with gate and trees so that students can't get out of traffic and to cover them from the hot sun. 

Equipped with tents, play areas, pool, picnic tables and planting area so that their outdoor experience is fun and enjoyable. 

JEC Classroom

JEC classroom are not just for learning but also place for them to be comfortable and safe. Our rooms can accommodate 5 students with 1 teacher in each room. Each room separated by different levels so that they can learn at their own pace without worrying for anyone of them to be left behind. Each room has air conditioning, heaters, complete materials for learning, audio and visual equipment.


CCTV and Child Monitoring System

JEC is equipped with CCTV system on each room so that all our children as well as our staff are monitored with there activities and lessons. This is to ensure that our students are in a safe environment.

Our monitoring system also provides information on students that are now coming in and out of JEC. This system also delivers mail to parents if your child already arrived at JEC to ensure parents of their child safety.

Pick up and Dropoff Service

JEC also provides our students with pickup and dropoff service for parents that are busy at work. This service is part of JEC's strive to provide learning for our students.

Our vehicles are maintained and complete with child seats for safety of little ones riding on it. For more information about this service, Please contact us. 


Toilet and Wash Area 

JEC is providing facilities that will help our students especially our little ones in using the toilet and wash area. This is made for comfort and ease so that with or without the support of our teachers, students can use them properly.