History of JEC

Our head of school is passionate about teaching English and pledge to open a school. Opening her first branch in Yokohama City in the year 2013 which caters to students that wants to learn English and naming it JEC EIKAIWA School. EIKAIWA are English conversation schools, usually privately operated, in Japan. It is a combination of the word eikaiwa (英会話, English language conversation) and gakkō (学校, school) or kyōshitsu (教室, classroom). 

As JEC continues to grow and to further accept students, the head of school wants to venture to other places since Yokohama is already crowded with schools. She tried first to open a JEC English Club in the year 2014 in a community hall near a well known elementary school in Hiratsuka City. 

Parents continue to request to opening longer hours so that students can learn and enjoy more, with that in mind JEC School opened in 2015 its doors with a much more bigger location that has a park and rooms. JEC started hiring teachers to handle other students that are interested in enrolling. 

As we started advertising online through SNS, JEC's first logo was created giving the meaning to JEC as Joanes English Communication School. Now offering a wide range of activities for students and events that are also related to our goal of teaching English. 

JEC Logo Short (Romaji).jpg

In the ensuing years, the number of students further grow in the year 2017. The students of different age and level started to show interest and that is why JEC offered courses so that the needs of each students can be addressed. 

JEC International School was established since it offers morning classes and adult classes as well. It opened to wide variety of events and curriculum that push students to excel in their normal levels of learning.

In the year 2018, JEC offered in its curriculum the EIKEN JR. Training Lesson so that student's learnings can receive certification and can be an advantage once entering companies in the future. 

Until present, JEC still continues to offer everything that students needs. The total of almost 80 students and counting, together with our faculty and staff, supported by different courses and events. JEC strives to Bringing Excellence to its students with our curriculum, student-friendly approach to teaching and learning, and its goals.

JEC now entering another phase as it becomes a company, with its history and role to providing quality education in English. We will continue on this path to make us unique in our cultural approach in different ways students may learn and apply in their daily lives in and outside the classroom.