JEC Activities

JEC provides it's students with different activities that change every month depending on the season and holiday that will occur. Students have the thrive to learn by having activities that they are passionate about.

Seasonal School Events

Summer School

  • Every end of July

Summer Camp

  • Every end of July

Summer Program

  • Whole month of August

Winter School

  • 3rd week or last week of December

Spring School

  • 3rd week or last week of March


Arts Class

Showing Creativity

Arts classes are integrated into our schedule with weekly different and fun creative arts and craft session that students will surely enjoy.


Cooking Class

Deliciously Sweet 

Cooking classes are integrated into our schedule with weekly different recipes from local and foreign countries that our students will learn to make with our step by step guide.


Signing up

JEC will be posting a month to 2 weeks before the seasonal school event dates. We will be providing application forms and payment will be separate from monthly tuition fee. Deadline of submission will also be posted so please submit before deadline. Reservation is not allowed for every slot.

Attendance and Dismissal

Once signed up for the event, students are expected to come on their schedule. On occasions where it is unavoidable for students to miss a session or withdraw from event, parents should notify the school. Students are expected to leave the school premises as soon as their activity has concluded. Parents collecting children should do so promptly from the school.


Events may be cancelled due to unexpected events like earthquake, typhoon or illnesses. We will inform you through call, postings and email. Refund will not be provided if in case this will occur.