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Please note that closure of our school due to the Covid-19, our staff are coming to school on a limited time frame only so calls will not be answered immediately. Please email or leave a message if you have any concerns about our school.

JEC International School is located in the heart of Hiratsuka City. Hiratsuka has a mixed economy, several industries located in industrial parks in the outskirts of town. Major plants are operated by Nissan Shatai, Yokohama Rubber Company, Canon, Furukawa Electric, Pilot (pen company) (the famous Namiki pens are produced at Hiratsuka), Kansai Paint, and Mitsubishi Plastics. Nissan Shatai produced the largest employment on the City, but announced the plan to let a factory move to Kanda. Western firms such as Moog and MacDermid Performance Solutions also have a strong presence in this city. Hiratsuka is also a bedroom community for Yokohama and Tokyo, with residents attracted by the "Shōnan lifestyle".

JEC doens't provide bus service to visitor.

Kanagawaken Hiratsuka Shi Toyohara Cho 10-6 254-0051

Tel/Fax: (0)46-368-7322

Mob: 070-5561-8288


Directions from nearby stations

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From Isehara Station

Getting to JEC

Japan is well known for its network of train lines that make daily commute easy and reliable. JEC International School is in the center of two major train lines. The Tokaido main line for Hiratsuka Station and Odakyu Odawara Line for Isehara Station. 

Exit the station then turn left, go right and down by the stairs. Once down the stairs turn left then located their will be the bus stations. Locate the bus with numbers 89/90/92 going to Hiratsuka Station. Bus will take 17 stops before reaching Oiwake, once in Oiwake walk to intersection and go down the underpass going to Hiratsuka Tribank then walk straight going to 711 . Once pass 711 and reaching the intersection turn right then 1 min. walk you will reach JEC.

From Hiratsuka Station

Exit the station then turn left, go to the bus station in front of Yokohama bank. Locate the bus with numbers 71/74/88 going to Isehara Station. Bus will take 4 stops before reaching Eirinshomae, walk going north until reaching a 2nd intersection then turn right. This will be a 1 min walk reaching JEC.