Regular Preschool

From ages 3 - 5 yrs. old

9:00 - 14:00 / Monday to Friday

After School Preschool

14:00 - 18:00 / Monday to Friday


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

— Benjamin Franklin

The Preschool level is all about learning through open-ended play and structured activities that allow children to develop at their own pace. Whether your child is finger painting, writing sentences, or singing with other kids, preschool helps your child increase her experiences, abilities and knowledge.

Our preschool programs offer both indoor and outdoor learning experiences, as well as opportunities for solo and group play. We make sure that students can express themselves with our step by step lessons that trains and encourages them to use their minds.

Cooking Lessons

Part of our activities is cooking and what better way to teach them by pronouncing ingredients, giving instructions and interacting with them through English. 

This is scheduled every month with different and exciting recipes not just locally but also foreign ones so that they have ideas on what foods each and every country have to offer. This is also a way to teach them basic life lessons that they can use when they grow up.



One of JEC's lessons is manners, we make sure that students are always taught on how to act properly when it comes to interactions with others.

  • Saying grace before and after meals

  • Washing of hands when entering school

  • Cleaning up after selves

  • Being kind and sociable with other people

  • and many more

This is one of our core achievements is to give them not just educational lessons but also life lessons. We are proud that this simple acts is what they bring home after school.

Reading and Writing

This age span students are fast and easy learners, we try to provide them a way to easily learn English. Our books, activities and flash cards are the tools that makes students enhanced on their language skills.

Teachers also are vital for their improvement, giving them training and guides on how to teach our students properly.