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About JEC

Welcome Message from Joanes Imai

Head of School


A Glance at JEC


Over 80 Students

JEC always make sure that student count is in check so that we can monitor student's academic needs.

Teacher Instructing

Faculty that are passionate

All of JEC faculty holds degrees. With teachers that tenure at JEC right from the start. Teaching them the way JEC educates its students and showing passionate to each and every one.


Teacher to student ratio

JEC makes sure that this ratio is followed in each class so that students every needs can be addressed.

Academic Learning

Here in JEC, we provide our students with the best learning with our monthly updated curriculum based on English learning. Guiding them with there vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Along with books of famous and well known authors that makes studying English easy for children and adults. 

Founded at 2013

JEC International School provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead of learning. Founded in 2013, the Small Business is located in Hiratsuka and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. 

CCTV Camera


As the new age of technology comes, JEC must adapt to the trend by providing our students and teachers ways to automate the process of teaching. We provided a system that is tailored to monitor and update the students information as well as our teachers. Installation of CCTV system to monitor our students much carefully. Apps that are connected to JEC and parents that make sure our institution are well informed.

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