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254-0051  神奈川県平塚市豊原町10-6

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JEC International School provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead of learning english. Founded in 2014, the Small Business is located in Hiratsuka and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. 


Here in JEC, we provide our students with the best learning with our monthly updated curriculum based on english learning. Guiding them with there vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Along with books of famous and well known authours that makes studying english easy for japanese children and adults. Skilled teachers that undergo training and certification to provide quality and assurance that your child will use his/her learnings on future careers ahead.

JECの英語学習は毎月更新されるカリキュラムです。イングリッシュティーチャー課程を修了したイングリッシュスピーカー達が最高の学習を提供します。 海外著名人の書籍を使用しながらボキャブラリー、文法、コミュニケーションのスキルを身につける事ができます。子供でも大人でも英語を簡単に学習出来て子供のキャリアに必要であろう英語を徹底的に学ぶ事が出来ます。

As the new age of technology comes, JEC must adapt to the trend by providing our students and teachers ways to automate the process of teaching English. We provided a system that is tailored to JEC to monitor and update the students information as well as our teachers. Installation of CCTV system to monitor our students much carefully and the creation of the website to provide booking of trial classes and inform our parents about the coming events in JEC. We will strive to provide more the convenience of our parents as well as the comfort and safety of learning English.

技術の進歩に伴いJECは英語学習のプロセスを自動化する方法に成功しました。 CCTVシステムを導入して生徒さんの学習状況を慎重に注視しながら個々の英語能力に合わせた学習が出来ます。 例えば子供の生徒さんがその日どんな事を学んだのかを後で保護者の方がウェブ上で確認出来ます。ログイン制なのでプライバシー配慮も徹底しています。 私達はベストな英語学習に専念出来る様、生徒さんの不安を取り除き、安心した環境での英語学習に取り組める様に努めます。