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Wednesday Class

February 20, 2019


Before Snack Activities

kids were allowed to play with clay, blocks and english card games to relax and set their mind to english mode before the lesson starts.

Snack time

We Can Starter book class

warm up: Story telling about teddy bear (parts of the body)

Review: Transportation ("Do you go by bus?") and beautiful nature.

Lesson:My house

Nursery Class

Lesson: Workbook activity to improve their writing and pen handling skills.

We Can 3 book class

Warm up: Nouns (dragonfly, rainbow, boy, girl, etc.)

Lesson: Action verb chunks (listening and gesture game)

Activity: A go game (question and answer)

Eikaiwa Class

Lesson: Unit 36 Time Activity Clock reading from the “O’Clock until reading with the Minutes”

Target Language: “What time do you go to bed?” “I go to bed at 8O’Clock pm”

Activity2: Haruto’s Show and tell

Activity 3: Setting time. Given a handy clock to set the time for them to go to bed and wake up.

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