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Tuesday Class

February 19, 2019

Morning regular class (Science)

Review lesson: Body parts

Activity: Putting all the body parts of the bear by themselves.

Lesson: Familiarization of the zoo animals and farm animals.

"What are the animals in the zoo?" "What are the animals on the farm?"


Let's take a walk around the farm song.

Story telling (Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?)

After school

Before snack activities

Snack time

Warm up

Nursery Class

Lesson: Familiarization of 2 legged and 4 legged animals.

We Can Starter book class

Lesson: At the zoo

Activity: Answered the workbook about zoo animal and game about which baby animals.

We Can 1 book class

Review lesson: Days of the week

Activity: Answered workbook about days of the week.

Lesson: Weather (It's sunny today)

New Lesson: Writing (W, X, Y, Z)

We Can 4 book class

Review Lesson: Hey diddle diddle

Activity: answered workbook about hey diddle diddle

Lesson: Phonics (OE, OW, OA, UI, UE)

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