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Thursday Pre-school Class

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

February 15, 2018

Math Skills


Measure The Laces

- The student learn how to measure and distinguish the longest and the shortest lace from the group.

Lesser Than, Greater Than or Equal

- The student learn how to use the lesser than sign ( < ), greater than sign ( > ) and equal sign ( = ) to compare two numbers.

For Example:

Word Math Problems

- The student solved different types of problem for addition and subtraction.

For example:

Jill had 9 pencils. She gave 4 away. How many

Single Digit and Easy Double Digit Subtraction

- The student did subtraction activity to review the subtraction lesson from the last math lesson.

For example:

  1. 2 - 1 =

  2. 16 - 2 =

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