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Thursday Class

October 11,2018

Morning Class


The class did the standard JEC warm up and practice the self introduction. Today's lesson is story telling about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the activity is lacing fruits from the Very Hungry Caterpillar story.

The kids also practiced their pen handling to improve their writing and coloring skills. they also played at the JEC park today and did some puzzle.

After School Class


The class did their usual warm up and focused on phonics to improve their reading skills and ability then they continued their lesson on We Can book (red book).

Elementary and Eiken 4 Test Takers

The class started with the usual warm up of days, date, months and self introduction then they start practicing for the Eiken 4 to prepare them for the upcoming test. then after the practice the left elementary students continued their We Can book (Yellow) until the class finished.


The class started with singing and dancing and the usual warm up for the nursery students like self introduction, numbers, phonics, etc..

The main lesson for today is about pencil handling and colors to improve their way of holding pencil and crayons. We did touch the color as an activity to keep them active during the class.

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