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Thursday Class

March 14, 2019

Morning Class

JEC Park Time

Warm up


Story Telling “Limu The Blue Turtle”


After school Class

Before snack activity

In this time we focus on each student to improve writing and pen control to make learning learning english easier during the class after snack time by having english conversations while doing worksheets.

Snack time

Warm up

Dancing and singing weather, seasons, month, numbers alphabets and phonics.

Nursery class

Writing activity and learning how to write the letter "B" and it's stroke order.

Before the class ends we learned some sight words "I have a...." "I have a kite" and classifying the sight words by playing touch the word game.

We Can Starter class

Review of jobs and it's target language "I want to be a firefighter." "I want to be an artist."

the proceeded to the next lesson about how to tell time. "It's 1 o'clock." is the target language.

We Can 1 Class

We Can 3 Class

We Can 4 Class

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