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Thursday Class

November 22, 2018

Morning Regular Class

Warm up: Singing and dancing

Easiest way to learn and to remember english words is by singing them and by doing actions while singing the song.

Main Lesson: Lesson for today is about english literature. It is all about familiarizing big and small letters and enhancing their writing ability and pencil control by doing the dot to dot ABC workbook.

After School

We Can starter book

Main Lesson: Family and other people

This familiarizes them on how you call people related to them in english language, like mother, father, brother, aunt, boy, girl, neighbor, etc...

We Can 1 book

Main Lesson: Yummy Things

This lesson familiarizes them on different kinds of yummy food and broaden their vocabulary words of food.

We Can 3 book

Main Lesson: Phonics (Silent E)

Learning the silent E widens their ability to be able to read more words the they didn't know how to read before.

Review Lesson: Comparative and superlative, Soft and hard G & C

Activity: Reading

This activity prepares them for the eiken 4 test next year and to practice what they learned from the yellow book on how to read.

We Can 4 book

Main Lesson: Phonics (2 letter combination)

This enhances the reading ability of the student by knowing how to read the letter combination in a word.

Activity: Restaurant Skit

The student and the teacher did a small play in a restaurant environment, first the student is the customer and the teacher took the order then they switched role after.

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