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Sunday Eikaiwa Class

February 10, 2019

Teachers: Catherine, Roger, Shiela and Joanes

Hello Class (We Can Starter book)

Review Lesson: Zoo Animals

Activity: Workbook exercise about zoo animals

Lesson: Transportation ("Do you go by train?" "yes i do" Do you go by hot air balloon?""no i don't")

Game: familiarization of different transportation

Orange Class (We Can Starter Book)

Review Lesson: Jobs

Lesson: Clocks ("What time it is""It's 9 o'clock")

Activity: workbook exercise about time

Red Class (We Can 4 book)

Review Lesson: Regular Past tense verb, hey diddle diddle

Activity: Workbook excercise

Lesson: Phonics (OA, OE, OW, UI and UE)

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