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Sunday Eikaiwa

January 6th, 2018


Hello Class (None)

Orange Class (Sae and Ichika)

Red Class (None)

Adult Class (Mr. Takamasa)

Hello Class 1

Lesson: Sports and Hobbies

Target Language:

"I play Basketball."

"I do Ballet."

Hello Class 2

Lesson: Park and amusement park

Target Language:

"Do you want to play on the jungle gym?" "Yes I do"

"Do you want to ride on the ghost train?" "No I don't"

"Do you want to eat popcorn?" "Yes I do"

Orange Class 1

Lesson: My Room

Target Language:

"Do you have a bank?"

"Do you have any toys?"

Orange Class 2

Lesson: Story book chracters

Target Language:

"Is that Cinderella?" "Yes"

"Is that a dragon?" "Yes"

Red Class

Lesson: Regular verbs

Target Language:

"What did you do last January 1st?"

"I baked cookies last January 1st"

Adult Class

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