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Sunday Class

March 3, 2019

Hello Class

Review lesson: my house ("It's a chimney" "It's the bedroom")

Activity: My house workbook

lesson: my room ("do you have a book shelf?" "Yes is do" "do you have any coats?" "No i don't")

Orange Class

Review lesson:

The classroom ("welcome" "please open the window")

Self introduction ("hello" "what's your name?" "my name's Sae")

Activity: answered the workbook

New Lesson: "How are you?" "I'm fine thank you, and you?"

Orange class (orange book) lesson: Family and other people, Shapes and Sizes

Red Class

Review lesson: Phonics (OA, OE, OW, UI, UE)

Activity: workbook exercise

Lesson: Irregular verbs ("I lost a pingpong match by 21 to 8")

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