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Sunday Class

February 24, 2019

Orange book class

Review lesson: Transportation ("I go by train")

Lesson: My house ("it's chimney") ("it's the kitchen")

We Can 1 book

Review lesson: Clock ("What time is it" "It's 8 o'clock")

Lesson: Introduction ("welcome" "take a seat please")

New lesson: Conversation ("Hello" "Hi" "What's your name?" "My name's Koharu")

We Can Starter Class

Review: Action verb chunk

We Can 4 book class

Warm up: Question and answer ("What is she doing?" "She is teaching english" "Can you teach english to your friends?" "yes i can teach english to my friends")

Review Lesson: Hey Fiddle Fiddle

Lesson: Irregular verbs ("I broke my leg" "my dad had an operation")

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