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Spring School Day 5

March 29, 2019

Warm up

Before the lesson starts all the students gather and practice months, days of the week, seasons, numbers, alphabets and phonics by singing and dancing. This is the best way to learn any second language. Because of the rhythms the words becomes easy for them to remember.


Before we proceeded to the main lesson, we reviewed the previews lessons we have for the past 4 days (Hello Spring song, spring around the world, baby animals and different kinds of butterflies).

The main lesson for today was about different kinds of plants such as shrubs, climbers, creepers and vines. The teaches the students to identify the plants to each different kinds. They also learned to identify parts of the flower by labelling a worksheet where the roots, stem, buds and petals are.

Arts Lesson

The students made flowers using strings for the stem and their finger prints as their petals as a continuation of the main lesson for the day.

Cooking Lesson:

As this is the last day of spring school we decided to have a little party and made some spring chocolate cookies and cake designed and decorated by each students.

Snack Time

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