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Spring School day 3

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

March 27, 2019

Lesson: Animals born in spring

In related to spring our main lesson for today is about animals that are born in spring. The goal of this lesson if for the students to familiarise how each baby animals are called.


Baby swan is called cygnet.

Baby heron is called chick

Baby squirrel is called kit

Arts Class: What do you see?

Outdoor painting is the best experience for young artists because of the openness and the good lighting they get from the sun. This arts class is based on nature as their reference, teaching students to observe what they see and painting it onto paper.

after the arts lesson we had lunch and play time at Shonandaira Hill

Cooking Time: Strawberry banana crepe

During spring strawberries are also harvested, therefor our main ingredients for our crepe is strawberry and banana. this snack is very simple to make and has few ingredients like four, egg, milk, strawberry and banana.