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Spring School day 1

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

March 25, 2019

Lesson: Hello Spring

As the spring school starts we started it with learning a song called Hello Spring. It is about things that we see during spring season like bumble bee, tulips, cherry blossom trees and more.

Play time at JEC Park

after the lesson, we had a tea time and toilet break to prepare them to play outside and experience the good weather of the day at the JEC park.

Arts Lesson: Cherry blossom key chain.

Today's lesson is about spring and cherry blossom is know for being the sign of spring here in Japan, there for we did a customised cherry blossom keychain as little souvenir for the spring school.

Cooking Time: Rolled Pancakes

After playing and doing crafting the students are of course tired and a little hungry so we all made snacks together. this snack is very easy to make with simple ingredients like pancake mix and fruits jams as a filling.

At the very first day of spring school we let the students experience the joy and warmth of the spring season brings.

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