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Monday Class

March 4, 2019

Morning Regular Class

Lesson: Mathematics

Used popsicle sticks to practice addition.

Activity: Making shapes and counting each corner.

Introduction of vocabularies and combining them with sight words.

"long pencil" "big elephant" "an ant" "a rabbit"

Lunch time

After School Class

Snack time

Warm up

Lesson: Stationary ("Can you pass the scissors please")

Lesson activity: Target language practice "Can you pass the paper please"

We Can 3 class

Warm up: Jobs review

Lesson: This and that "This balloon is red and that balloon is blue"

and sight words (into, call, today and saw)

Activity: Reading

Lesson for today: Adult class

Topics: Quality of life OPD (meat and poultry Additional lesson about preposition)

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