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Monday Class

November 26, 2018

Morning Regular Class

Main lesson: Math

Lesson for today is about numbers and learning how to count things and writing them so their pen handling could improve.

After School Class

Nursery Class

Main lesson: Familiarization of colors and shapes, Alphabets with phonics and vocabulary.

We Can Starter Book

Review My Family

Target Language: "It's my ...(mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, neighbor, friend, grandpa, grandma)

Main Lesson: sizes and shapes

Target Language: "It's a ...(triangle, diamond, circle, square, rectangle, heart, star) "

"It's ... (big, huge, medium, small, tiny)

We Can 3 Book

Review Lesson: Phonics and Unit Review

Reading and writing activity from past lessons (Sports, chores and phonics)

Main lesson: Time

Introduction on telling time. (quarter past, half past and quarter to)

Activity: Reading

This improves their speed in reading and reading skills.

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