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Friday Class

October 12, 2018

After School Class

Yellow Book Class

The class started with the usual warm up then they reviewed the previous lesson about sport (grammar and action) then for the activity the students did question and answer. After the lesson to confirm what they learned the students answered their We Can workbook and continued to the next lesson (reading).

Target Language:

"Do you.....?" "Yes I do!", "No I don't" "Does he.....?" "Yes he does..." "No he doesn't"

Orange Book

The class started with their usual warm-up but focusing on numbers this time, the students learned how to read numbers in english up to hundreds and thousands. After the warm-up they continued the lesson on their We Can book about amusement park and practice the target language, "do you want to....?" and did a partner activity then a class activity after. Before the class finish we practice for the upcoming eiken test to prepare the test takers.

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