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Elementary After School

Lesson for today: Green book (p. 68-75)

We did the greetings and warm-up like doing their self-introduction for 20 seconds.

And the main lesson is their text book which includes reading and writing. We learned the personal pronoun like "he, she, we, they, you and I". We practiced how to construct sentences by using these personal pronouns by using verb +ing like : 1. They are pay+ing baseball, 2. She is watch+ing baseball games.. 3. I am teach+ing English.

We learned also how to write postcard, numbers, days, months, and personal pronouns. this will help them more knowledge in writing and English conversation and communication skills.

We practiced the action verbs chunks like* 1. catch-caught a cold. 2. climb-climbed a tree.

3. practice-

praticed the piano. 4. talk-talked on the phone.

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