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Elementary After School

Lesson: Math in English (Green Book 4) Page 56,56,58

We learned how to read and write numbers. from 1 to 10,000. We practiced to make a math questions.

ex. 2+2=4 (2 plus 2 is 4)

3x3= 9 (3 times 3 is 9)

8/4=2 (8 divided 4 is 2)

We learned grammar in action ( How many and How much) (Question and Answer) (in pairs)

ex. How many books do you have? I have 3 books

How many person are there in your family? We are five.

How much money do you have? I have ten dollars.

Green Book P 35,36,37

Grammar in action using Present tense Past tense

ex. Present tense Past tense

play played

talk talked

brush brushed

The students learned how to make questions by using these tenses.

Ex. Did you get up early this morning? Yes, I got up early this morning.

Did you eat your breakfast this morning? Yes, I ate my

breakfast this morning.

100 words p 103,104,105

This book, we learned to read and write words and we practiced the correct pronunciation of words.

Teacher Clareth

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