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Elementary after school

Lesson for today: We can! 4 (Review 2 Unit 4 Page 54-55)

We learned how to interview and answer questions. This conversation practiced their skills to communicate each other and this activity helped them a lot.

Example: Q: What time does your school start? A: My school starts at 8:30 am .

Q: Does your school have school lunch? A: Yes. My school have school lunch.

We practiced also phonics 、writing the word to match the rule then saying each word by its sound.

Example: ou says ou, ou, > house, mouse

ow says ow, ow, > cow, brown

oo says oo, oo, > (long) spoon, moon

oo says oo , oo, > (short) book, cook

Writing activity:

Example : Mom wants some bread and cakes.

She's going to the bakery .

* Students will listen and write the sentences from their book.

Teacher Clareth.

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