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Elementary After School

Topic: "Christmas in the Philippines"

I introduced them some pictures about Christmas traditions in the Philippines like: 1.Pasko which means Christmas derives from the word Pascua means Easter. 2. Noche Buena means

another word for Christmas. It consists of traditional dinner. 3. Misa de Gallo which means midnight mass. It is a pre-dawn mass celebrated during the nine days preceding Christmas Eve. 4. Parol which means Christmas lights or lantern. 5. Monita-Monita which means a secret exchanging of gifts.

They enjoyed practicing the pronunciation of those words. (Tagalog Words)

Another activity is "Reading the Passage", this activity will enhance the reading ability of the Eiken test.

We did also the 100 words "Kids need to read" by: "2nd Grade book "page 78. This part is they will write the present tense form of verbs like "make" past tense form is "made", sing- sang, say-said, and so on.

Teacher: Clareth

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