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Tuesday Class

March 5, 2019

Morning Class

warm up

Tea time and Lunch time


subject: science

topic animal classifications (Flying animals, Farm animals, Zoo animals and Sea animals)

Target language:

“What flying animal do you like?”

“I like owl.”

"What farm animal do you like?”

“I like cow.”

“What zoo animal do you like?”

“I like hippopotamus.”

“What sea animal do you like?”

“I like whale.”


Sorting of all the animals into their own groups (Flying animals, Farm animals, Zoo animals and Sea animals).

Work sheet activity: connecting lines from the animals to their group.

After School

Warm up

Sight words

Nursery class

Lesson: number reading and counting

Activity: counting blocks and sorting

Pre School (We can starter)

Review Lesson: Stationary

Target Language: 

"Can you pass the ruler?”

“Sure!, here you are.”

“Thank you.”

Elementary (We can 1)

Activity: Review 3: Units 7-8

Elementary (We can 4)

Pre Lesson activity: Reading and understanding. Challenge time to select something to read and understand by using it in other sentence or by writing how they understand the words used.

Lesson: Irregular verbs. Introduction of some of the irregular verbs its past and present tense.

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