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Tuesday Morning Class

February 12th 2019

Teacher: Roger Dugan

Warm up

Regular warm up routine from the greetings, months, dates, days seasons, weather and self introduction.

Tea time, Lunch time and Brushing teeth
Lesson time

Subject: Science (Vegetables)

Activity 1: “Do you like broccoli?” “Yes, I do. It`s yummy!” “No, I don’t. It`s yucky!”

Activity 2: vegetable cards are posted around the classroom and they are going to ask each other “What do you like?” and answer “I like chili.” they will then look for the card of the said vegetable and either touch or take the picture.

Activity 3: Everyone sits around and asked "Do you like cabbage?” they will answer either “Yes, I do. It`s yummy!” or “No, I don`t. It`s yucky!” then pass the card to the next student and ask again.


Tracing for upper case “T", lower case “t”, Upper case “U” and lower case “u”

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