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Tuesday Class

Tuesday January 29 2019

Regular Nursery

Warm up: Regular warm up routine activity from questions and a sing and dance until the self introduction to help them memorize and be familiar on their own information.

Park Time: a quick play time at the JEC mini cfdre4park after the tea time


Body parts. Story telling “A Teddy Bear” and then a singing a song “One little finger”

Patterns and sorting. identification of patterns present on the picture from the color arrangement to identification order of items on the line.

Lunch Time

After School

Nursery Class

work book activity coloring and pen holding practice

We Can Starter

Review Lesson: Feelings and Aches and Pains

New Lesson: Opposites

"whats the opposite of hot?"

"its cold."

"whats the opposite of big?"

"its small."

We Can 1

Lesson: Phonics "S-T-U-V"

Activity: writing activity for phonics

We Can 4

Review Lesson: Past tense form of verb.

Activity: Verb Bingo

New Lesson: "The Cat and the Fiddle" chant and changing the verbs on the chant with their own.

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