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Tuesday After School

January 8th, 2019

Absent: None

Teachers: Joanes Grecia, Roger Dugan III, Katrina Basic

Snack Time

Warm Up Lesson

Routine warm up lesson about the days, date, month, year, season, weather and self introductions

We Can Starter (Orange Book)

Lesson: Months and Seasons

Target Language: My birthday is in July.

We Can 1 (Red Book)

Lesson:Unit Review page 53 and 54

We Can 3 (Yellow)

Lesson: Chores

Target Language: Do you vacuum the floor

Nursery Class

Nursery Class with Miko`s Practice Teaching with Joanes

Target Language:

"Do you like lions?" "Yes, I do."

"Which animal do you like most, lions or elephants?" "I like elephants than lions..."

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