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Sunday Eikaiwa

February 17,2019

Hello Class

Absent: Yuki Nishihata

Warm up: Regular warm up routine from the daily greetings, months, dates, days, season, weather and self introduction.

Review Lesson: Unit 29 "Transport"

Target language: "It`s a truck"

New Lesson: Unit 30 "My House"

Vocabulary familiarization using the picture and a play house model.

Orange Class

Review Lesson: Number counting for the lesson about time. Unit 36 "Time"

Red Class

Review Lesson: Past tense of the verb using the verb game card. Phonics "OA", "OE", "OW", "UI" and "UE" words

Challenge: Recite the chant "The Goat in a Coat" without reading.

Lesson: Grammar "Where can I get Coats and Suits?" "Right over there at Billy Goats Suits."

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