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Sunday Eikaiwa

January 27th, 2019

Teachers: Roger Dugan , Shiela Dela Cruz, Katherine Loquinario

Absent: Mona Kasai and Koharu Hayakawa (Orange Class)

Hello Class

Warm up:

Routine of months from January to December and then reverse from December to January and then asking for the Date, Day, Season and Weather. Next is the self introduction conversation.

Class 1

Review Lesson: Zoo Animals “It`s a monkey.” “It`s an eagle.”

Activity: Workbook activity for Unit 28

New Lesson: Vocabulary introduction of Unit 29 “Transport”

Class 2

Review Lesson: Park and Amusement (Vocabularies)

Lesson: Alphabet and Phonics “What letter is it?” “It`s A” “What`s the sound?” “Aa apple”

Activity: Workbook

New Lesson: More Action words (Vocabulary)

Orange Class

Warm up: Routine questions of date, day, season and weather followed by a challenge of 25 seconds self introduction.

Class 1

Review Lesson: Unit 35 “Jobs” with their homework “What do you want to e in the future?” “I want to be a chef.”

Activity: touch the card and say “I want to be a…” then the work book activity for unit 35.

Lesson: Unit 36 “Time” point and say the time indicated on the picture.

Activity: given a clock and set it to the time given. “one o`clock”

Class 2

Review Lesson: story book characters and the sea side vocabularies

Lesson: parks and amusement

“Do you want to play on the slide?”

“Yes, I do”

“Do you want to ride on the ghost train?”

“Yes, I do”

“Do you want to eat cotton candy?”

“No, I don`t.”

Red Class

warm up Lesson: Reading and self introduction

Review Lesson: Past tense of regular verbs

Lesson: hey fiddle diddle chant

activity: workbook, reading and writting

New Lesson: Phonics (AO, OW, OE, UI, UE)

Adult Class 

Lesson: work life balance

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