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May 28, 2019

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Tuesday Morning Class


Subject: Science

Topic: Plants and Animals ( Living things). Learning about how the living things survive and grow.

Learning the essentials of all living things like air, water ,food and sunlight. Kids are very curious they even tend to ask about themselves ,on how they survive because they know that they are also living . One of the kids asked, "Why plants don't have shelter to live while we have our own house?" You can observe here that the kids really wanted to learn new things about their surroundings.They 're trying to compare things from one to the other. In this situation the lesson broaden because they have many questions directly to the main topic. As a teacher goal has been met here because of their interactive reactions on the lesson we discussed. Realia is very helpful for them . Good job kids!


The realia is a potted cherry blossom . It's been three years now since we have the plant. That's one of our materials for observing one year seasons. Now, the season is Summer so the cherry blossom becomes green bearing all leaves.



Snack Time: "Thank you for this food and we are grateful...Itadakimasu!"


Textbook: Picture dictionary by Longman and Pearson/

Tiny talk by Oxford university press.

The combination of these 2 textbooks for the kids will give them more vocabulary and Tiny talk gives them motivation to learn how to express the words simplified for their ages as nursery. They will recognize the characters of the book then learn how to sing and pronounce the words in it

by listening to the CD and repetition by the teacher. In this way kids will be able to learn using the phonics .


Pre School

Lesson: Parks and Amusement Parks



" Do you want to play on the..... ( jungle gym, monkey bars, swing, seesaw, slide , roller coaster, etc)?

"Do you want to ride on the .... ( ferris wheel, roller coaster, waterslide, ghost train, merry- go round (carousel)etc.)?

"Do you want to eat .......(popcorn, cotton candy) ?


"Yes, I do." "No, I don't ."

To have a continuous conversation , the teacher will ask the kids.. "Why?"

Then the kids would say ..because I'm scared.. /because I don't like It!

In this way , the students will be able to learn how to answer their own understanding to the questions and to express what they feel about it. In this simple conversation kids will be motivated to speak English gradually 'though for quite sometime it mixes Japanese because they tried to talk about their own experiences in the parks and amusements.



Lesson: Reading and writing .

Textbook: 100 Words by Scholastic.The textbook helps the students to learn sight words and how to use them in a simple grammar that in the later part of this book students may learn how to read and write with the correct spelling in a certain story of their own. If they can read but they don't understand the reading it would be useless.Therefore, simple grammar is rendered to this activity and of course the vocabulary . In this learning , ages of the students doesn't matter as long as they're learning and enjoying the activity .

The kind of the book they are using is according to their levels. They shared their opinions and discussed the answers then the corrections will be made by the teachers. Writing by themselves then reading with the teachers and correcting their works.The teachers will give them motivation to understand the passage in each topic of a certain story.


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