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June 3, 2019

Elementary After-school

100 Q & A: Review for the set of questions numbers 11~15 and discussion of the new set of questions numbers 16~20.

100 Words for 1st Grade: Reading Activity page 24~25 “What are they doing?” and “Unlock the Secret”

We Can 2:

Lesson: Phonics P and B sounds. The Voiced and Unvoiced letters. Discussion between the difference of the two letters and by using a tissue or any kind of small paper that would be taped on either the forehead or the nose they are shown the difference of the two letters. For the P is the Unvoiced letter meaning the tissue needs to move while on the other hand B is the Voiced letter meaning the tissue doesn't need to move when saying the sound.

A small challenge is then given to them by asking them to look for any word around the class room or inside their book for other word examples of these letters.


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