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June 15, 2019

Pre-Kinder 2

Work book: Lesson review from the picture dictionary 2 book. Lessons covered are counting, the alphabet and some vocabularies that was already been discussed previously.

We Can 1: Introduction of a new topic “The Alphabet” that will serve as a review and at the same time with an additional vocabularies and some basic sentences.

Intermediate Eikaiwa 2

200 Q & A: Discussion of the question set 141~145 in order to further understand each questions and the goal is for each student to answer the questions independently without having to memorize the given answer from the book.

We Can 4: Continuation of the topic discussion about “Phonics oa = coat, oe = toe, ow = snow, ui = suit and ue = blue” followed by a challenge in which some the given words are then used in a simple conversation.


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