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Friday Class

Friday Feb. 15, 2019

Morning class

Warm up

Daily warm up routine from months, dates, days, weather, seasons, self introduction, sing and dance.

Tea time and Lunch time

Free Play Time

Free time to play and explore their own ability to solve the puzzle or create something with the lego blocks.


Review Lesson: Literature

100 words vocabularies and writing.

After School

Warm up

Snack time

Nursery After School

Lesson: Familiarization between "Farm Animals" and "Zoo Animals"

Work book activity

We Can Starter

review: "things we wear”, "sports and hobbies”

Lesson: Beautiful Nature

We Can 3

Review: Jobs and rhythm and reading “When I grow up” chant

Lesson: Phonics “TH (unvoiced)", “TH (voiced)” “NG” and “CK” sound words

Activity: When I grow Up chant card arranging and chanting without reading

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