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Elementary After School

Today`s lesson: Santa Clause and Making a letter

(The short story about Santa and how to make a letter to him).

We learned about Santa like: Where does he live? (He lives in North Pole). Who helps him to make toys? (Elf) How many reindeers and what are their names? Who was the most famous reindeer? (Rudolph) and so on.

We let them watch the story of the popular reindeer called "Rudolph" why its nose red and shiny. They also watched the story of gingerbread man .

Students learn also the names of 9 reindeers.

1 Dancer 4 Blitzen 7 Comet

2 Prancer 5 Cupid 8 Dasher

3 Vixen 6 Donner 9 Rudolph

They enjoyed the lesson about Christmas.

Teacher: Clareth

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