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Wednesday Class

January 30, 2019

After School Class

We Can Starter

Review lesson: Seasons and weather,

Feelings ("How do you feel?" "I feel surprised")

Aches and pains ("What's the matter?" "I have a stomachache" "I have an earache")

Lesson: Things we wear ("Is this you blouse?" "Yes, it is/ No, it isn't"

"Are these your sunglasses?" "Yes, they are/ No, they aren't")

Eikaiwa Class

Review lesson: Jobs ("Do you want to be a conductor?" "Do you want to be an astronaut" "Yes i do./ No i don't.")

New Lesson: Time ("What time is it?" "It's 7 o'clock")

We Can 3 Class

Review lesson: Jobs ("What do you want to be when you grow up?" "When i grow up, i want to be a designer" " I want to be an architect")

Lesson: Phonics (voiced TH, unvoiced TH, NG and CK)

activity: workbook and vocabulary (give and gave)

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