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Tuesday After School

December 4th 2018

Absent: Yuri Oota

Teacher: Katrina Basic, Roger Dugan III and Joanes Grecia

Nursery After School

Target language:

Question:"What animals do you like?"

Answer: " I like Hippopotamus"

Question: "How about you? Do you like Hippopotamus?"

Answer: "No, I don`t. I like Hyena."

Elementary After School

We Can 1 (Red Book)


Countable: hamburgers, apples

Uncountable: sushi, rice

Target Language:

Q: "What food do yo like?"

A: "I like sushi."

"I like hamburgers"

We Can 4(Green Book)

Regular Verb (Past Tense Form)

with the help from the other students Miko gives the past tense form or the given Verb (Action word)

After School Pre School

We Can Starter (Orange Book)

Review and Mastery about the lesson "Sensations"

Target Language:

"It`s cold." (Ice Cream)

"It`s sweet." (Candy)

"It`s sour" (Lemon)

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