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Thursday Class

January 31, 2019

Morning Regular Class

Lesson: Literature

activity: ABC animals matching (mother and baby) card game (Go Fish!)


Nursery Class

Lesson: Story Telling

activity: workbook

We Can Starter Class

Review: Opposites

Lesson: Sports and hobbies ("what do you play?" "I play tennis" "what do you do?" "i do ballet")

Activity: workbook about opposites

We Can 1 Class

Review: Words (Vocabulary: dog, cat, bird, horse and their sound) and BINGO song

Lesson: Phonics (S, T, U, V)

New lesson: Days of the week

Activity: workbook and reading a book and drawing their favorite part of the book.

We Can 3 Class

Review: Jobs ("When i grow up, i want to be a pilot" "When i grow up i want to be an architect"

Lesson: Phonics (voiced and unvoiced TH, NG and CK)

Activity: Writing Alphabet practice, writing the word "gave"and reading and drawing.

We Can 4 Class

Review: Regular Verb (jump-jumped, dance-danced, run-ran, swim-swam)

Lesson: Hey Diddle Diddle (rhythms and reading)

Activity: writing and making new version of hey diddle diddle

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