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Spring school day 2

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

March 26, 2019

Lesson: Spring around the world

Japan is not the only country that has spring so we decided to learn which countries also have spring and see if they also have a cherry blossom trees like what we see during spring here in Japan. The lesson's focus is learning the flags and their country names.

Lunch Time
Arts Class: Color mixing

To prepare the students for the upcoming arts lesson we familiarised them with color mixing. Started from the primary colors and adding white to make pink then adding all the colors to make black.


Blue mixed with red becomes purple.

Yellow mixed with blues becomes green.

Walk at Otsukayama Park

Cherry blossom has not bloomed yet because of the cold weather but while walking at the park we saw some cherry blossoms and observed the colors and how it looks like.

Arts Lesson: Cherry blossom tree painting

To practice their color mixing the students are only given red and white to make the cherry blossoms . Using the color mixing lesson earlier the students learned that mixing red with white makes pink.

Cooking Lesson: Bunny butt cookies

After walking at the park and doing arts lesson the kids got a little hungry, so we made a simple snack made form cookies, whip cream and marsh mallows and it is called bunny butt cookies because rabbits or bunnies are also one of symbols of spring season.