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Monday Class

January 21, 2019

Morning Regular Class

Lesson: Phonics, Shapes and colors, ABC

After School


Lesson: Brain Quests workbook activities and shapes and colors.

We Can Starter Class

Review lesson:Pets and common animals & Days of the week

Lesson: Months

Target Language: "When is your birthday?" "My birthday is on June 11th"

Activity: answered workbook

We Can 3 book class

Review Lesson: Jobs and target language ("what does you dad do?""He's a Pilot")

Lesson: Space Station Crew ("Who's he" "He's Mr. Adams" "What does he do?" "He's the pilot" "Where does he work" "In a station" "in a train station?" "No, in the space station")

Activity: Answered workbook about Jobs

Extra activity: Reading and drawing.

Adult Class

Topic: Weird and wonderful ways people celebrate New Year’s Eve across the 📷 globe

Book OPD Things inside bedroom and kids room

Additional conversation: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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