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Elementary After School

Today's lesson: Singing a Christmas song

"All I want for Christmas is you" by "Mariah Carey"

At the end of the lesson they learned a new song by one of the most famous singers in the world (Mariah Carey) with her famous Christmas song. (All I want for Christmas is you)

This activity enhanced the children to learn, listen and to write new words. Listening skill is emphasized. They had fun singing the new song. and they requested me to listen also in Japanese version of this song. Me too enjoyed the fun.

We also did their green books By: Mc Graw Hill "we can". It includes phonics and reading.

Like: OU says ou, ou, house, mouse

OW says ow, ow, cow, cow

OO says oo, oo, book, cook

OO says oo, oo, moon, spoon

Teacher: Clareth

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